Fashioned In Favor is an apparel brand powered by God brought to you by me, Jania Mckenzie. I am a wife, mother and most importantly a daughter of The King.

Fashioned In Favor hopes to inspire its customers to recognize and share the God-given favor on their lives.


Let's go deeper

Fashioned In Favor seeks to create a community for those who are tryna figure this whole God thing out. Those that are serious about advancing the Kingdom but aren't sure where to begin and question if they are qualified to do such a thing.

We want people to find their way to God by walking their own path, getting in His word and nurturing a genuine relationship with Him, undertanding that perfection is not the goal nor the expectation.

Many Fashioned In Favor designs are inspired by some of my favorite scriptures, my prayer is that when you read our designs you become intrigued by the message thus curious about the word of God. And once you become inspired to read the word of God, well the rest..as they say is history.


"So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God." -Romans 10:17